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Date:	97 Jul 17 1:19:25 am
From:	Dan Ingalls 
Subject:	Vers 1.21 mini-release

Folks -

I am about to take a couple of weeks off, but wanted to release such fixes
 as have accumulated for Squeak 1.2 before I go.  To that end, I have just
 submitted for posting on Stephen Pope's web site a file,
comprising about a dozen fixes to version 1.2.  Rather than go through
 another release, let us just consider this to be a delta that defines
 Squeak 1.21.  I have asked Stephen to send out a quick note when they are a

To quote from the preamble:

Sundry fixes to Squeak 1.2, including...
StrikeFont>>readFromBitFont: fixed to tolerate lowercase hex in Bitfont data

Form>>fromBMPFileNamed: supports reading of simple .BMP files.
This fixes two calls on BitBlt that allowed invalid color maps to slip by.
Adds an optimization that saves one send on every color map check.
	(subsumes the file colorMapFix)

InterpreterSimulator>>showDisplayBits fixed so simulator runs again.

SystemDictionary>>abandonSources improved so it can be called repeatedly,
	each time compressing all changes, and resetting the changes file.
Removes MappedCollection and all references to it.  As an alternative,
	defines atAll: and atAll:putAll:, which allow mapped access to any
	sequenceable collection.
Introduces consistent protocol and implementation for do: and collect: with 
	second collection that is either supplied or implied by indexing.
Fixes a long-standing error in the decompiler, and several related methods
	so that the entire system will now decompile without error.
Repairs the ProtocolBrowser that was broken by a change in Text protocol.
	Makes it work for class methods which didn't before.
Makes listPanes support emphasis in text entries (used by ProtocolBrowser).
Fixes a bug in ClassDescription>>renameInstVar:to:.
Restores a lost cr in ReadWriteStream>>timeStamp.

In anticipation of Blair McGlashen releasing a new WinCE interpreter, I have
 also gone through the shrinking exercise with such a Squeak 1.21 image, and
 produced two files
	Mini1.21.image, and
which together total 654K.  This INCLUDES the temp names for browsing, so it
 can be used without the system sources, and so should run complete in 1MB
 on the Cassiopeia or HP320LX.  An interesting statistic: this image can
 synthesize 1,012,401 bytes of source code just by looking at its navel.


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