Index of /2.7/

This is Squeak 2.7. 

Squeak 2.8 is the most current version of Squeak, so change directories to ../2.8 to get that one.

All of these packages are updated to changeset 1782.

Please download all of these files in BINARY mode and make sure that
your unarchiving program does not do any text conversion.  

If you have a Mac download Squeak2.7-mac.sea.bin.

If you have a Windows system download

If you have a Linux x86 system download Squeak2.7-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz

If you have a Debian linux system download all three *.deb files.

If you have a Linux system which understands RPMs, Independence,
RedHat, and SuSE, download RPMs.  Both the source and binary ones are

Otherwise pick the proper download from the list below.  If you don't see
the download for your system please ask on the squeak mailing list.

The contents of this directory.			- The Acorn release
Squeak2.7-mac.sea.bin			- The Mac release			- The OS/2 Warp release
Squeak2.7-alphaev56-dec-osf4.0e.tar.gz  - Dec Alpha OSF/1 release
Squeak2.7-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz	- x86 Linux release
Squeak2.7-mips-sgi-irix.tar.gz		- IRIX release
Squeak2.7-sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1.tar.gz	- Sun Sparc Solaris release
Squeak2.7-sparc-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz- Sun Sparc Linux release
Squeak2.7.sea.bin			- The Mac release from Squeak Central.			- Windows PC release, VM build 2.		- Windows CE MIPS release.			- Windows CE SH3 release. 	- MacOSX release with a 2.6 VM
files					- A directory with the individual files
squeak-image-2.7-2.noarch.rpm		- Binary RPM for image
squeak-image-2.7-2.src.rpm		- Source RPM for image
squeak-sources-2.7-2.noarch.rpm		- Binary RPM for the sources
squeak-sources-2.7-2.src.rpm		- Source RPM for the sources
squeak-image_2.7_all.deb		- A Debian .deb file for the image
squeak-sources_2-2_all.deb		- A Debian .deb file for the sources
squeak-vm-2.7-2.i686.rpm		- Binary RPM for i686 for the VM
squeak-vm-2.7-2.src.rpm			- Source RPM for the VM.
squeak-vm_2.7_i386.deb			- A Debian .deb file for the VM.

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