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Squeak 2.8 is the most current version of Squeak.

Please download all of these files in BINARY mode and make sure that
your unarchiving program does not do any text conversion.  

If you have a Mac download Squeak2.8-mac.sea.bin.

If you have a Windows system download

If you have a Unix or Linux system please see below under Unix Installation.

Otherwise pick the proper download from the list below.  If you don't see
the download for your system please ask on the squeak mailing list.

The contents of this directory.				- BeOS x86 version
BrowserPlugins				- The Netscape/MSIE browser plugin vers
Squeak-2-sources.tar.gz			- SqueakV2.sources file
Squeak-2.8-3.i386.rpm			- 2.8.3 x86 rpm
Squeak-2.8-3.ppc.rpm			- 2.8.3 ppc rpm
Squeak-2.8-3.src.rpm			- 2.8.3 source rpm
Squeak-2.8pre3-alphaev56-dec-osf4.0e.tar.gz	- 2.8.3 OSF/1 
Squeak-2.8pre3-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz		- 2.8.3 x86 linux
Squeak-2.8pre3-image.tar.gz			- 2.8.3 image
Squeak-2.8pre3-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz	- 2.8.3 PPC Linux
Squeak-2.8pre3-sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1.tar.gz	- 2.8.3 Sun Solaris 2.5.1
Squeak-2.8pre3.tar.gz			- 2.8.3 source
Squeak-ffi-2.8-3.i386.rpm		- 2.8.3 FFI rpm, x86
Squeak-ffi-2.8-3.ppc.rpm		- 2.8.3 FFI rpm, PPC
Squeak-image-2.8-3.noarch.rpm		- RPM for the squeak image
Squeak-image-2.8-3.src.rpm		- RPM for the squeak image source
Squeak2.8-alpha-linux.tar.gz		- Squeak 2.8 for Alpha Linux
Squeak2.8-mac.sea.bin			- The Mac release			- Windows PC release, VM build 2.
Squeak2.8.sea.bin			- The Mac release from Squeak Central.			- Squeak for OS/2
files					- A directory with the individual files
squeak-image_2.8-1_all.deb	- A Debian 2.2 package with the image/changes files
squeak-sources_2-1_all.deb	- A Debian 2.2 package with the sources
squeak-vm_2.8pre2-1_i386.deb	- A Debian 2.2 package for an x86 VM


Unix Installation:


    This directory contains the executables, libraries and other files
    needed to run Squeak.  You need to fetch and unpack the following

	    the precompiled binaries, libraries, manual pages and
	    other documentation for Squeak version 2.8pre3.  You need to
	    fetch this if you are installing a new version of Squeak.
	    You must fetch the archive corresponding to the
	    architecture on which you want to run Squeak.

	    If you don't already have the image/changes files
	    corresponding to version 2.8pre3 then you also need to fetch:

	    the .image and .changes files for Squeak version 2.8pre3.
	    This is shared between all architectures.  You need to
	    fetch this if you are installing a new version of Squeak.
	    You can use the contents of this archive on any

	    If you don't already have the system sources file for
	    Squeak version X then you also need to fetch:

	    the system .sources file.  This is shared between all
	    architectures and all versions of Squeak with the same
	    major version number.  You only need to fetch this once
	    for each major version of Squeak that you install.  You
	    can use the contents of this archive on any architecture.

    Fetch the archive/s that you need and then unpack it/them in the
    same directory.  This will create a subdirectory called Squeak-2.8pre3
    containing a hierarchy that mirrors the installed locations of the
    various files.  The architecture-specific files are in a
    subdirectory named after your "cpu-vendor-os" name.

    (Note that the system .sources file will be unpacked in a
    subdirectory called Squeak-X, without the minor version number.
    This is to remind you that you only need to fetch it once, unless
    you are upgrading to Squeak to a different major version number.)

    To make things easier on yourself you might want to run this file
    as a shell script to install the files in the correct locations on
    your machine, like this:

	$ su root
	# cd Squeak-2.8pre3
	# /bin/sh INSTALL
	# exit

    If this complains that it cannot find the architecture-specific
    files for your machine, even though you have downloaded and
    unpacked the relevant archive, then there might simply be a
    difference in operating system versions.  If you believe that the
    architecture-specific files in the directory "foo-bar-baz" will
    work for you, then you can specify that directory as an argument
    to INSTALL:

	$ su root
	# cd Squeak-2.8pre3
	# /bin/sh INSTALL foo-bar-baz
	# exit

    You are strongly encouraged not to move things around.  If you do
    then you will totally invalidate your (already non-existent)
    warranty.  If you absolutely must install the libraries in cruel
    and unusual locations then you would be much better off fetching
    the sources


    and then specifying your preferred locations with options to the
    "configure" script, before compiling and installing Squeak for
    yourself.  This will ensure that the virtual machine knows where
    to go looking for various runtime files, and will also update the
    manual page to be consistent with the locations that you choose.
    Instructions for configuring and building Squeak are in the file
    BUILD.UnixSqueak in the above archive.

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Squeak-2.8pre3-image.tar.gz2000-09-05 23:005.6MFile
Squeak-2.8pre3-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz2000-09-05 23:00630.5KFile
Squeak-2.8pre3-sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1.tar.gz2000-09-05 23:00604.3KFile
Squeak-2.8pre3.tar.gz2000-09-05 23:00492.9KFile
Squeak2.8-mac.sea.bin2000-10-25 23:007.6MFile
Squeak2.8-win.zip2000-08-21 23:007.1MFile
Squeak2.8.sea.bin2000-08-18 23:006.2MFile
SqueakOS2Full.zip2000-11-21 00:007.1MFile
squeak-image_2.8-1_all.deb2000-08-22 23:005.6MFile
squeak-sources_2-1_all.deb2000-08-22 23:001.3MFile
squeak-vm_2.8pre2-1_i386.deb2000-08-27 23:00421.8KFile