Index of /2.8/BrowserPlugins/

This is the Netscape/MSIE Plugin version of Squeak 2.8:

Pick from the files below.  Keep in mind that there are still "issues"
to be worked out with them :-)

npsqueak-mac-2.8.2.sit.bin 	- Mac VM
npsqueak-noarch.tar.gz		- contains squeak/image/SqueakPlugin.image
				 with path for unix		- contains the same SqueakPlugin.image, 
				but without a path for Win/Mac install
npsqueak-sparc-solaris.tar.gz	- Solaris VM
npsqueak-i386-linux.tar.gz	- x86 Linux VM
npsqueak-mips-irix.tar.gz	- MIPS Irix VM		- Windows VM
download.html			- instructions for Unix/Win/Mac
test				- directory containing:

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
Parent Directory/ -  Directory
test/2005-02-17 16:29-  Directory
README2000-09-04 23:00683BFile
download.html2000-09-04 23:003.5KFile
npsqueak-i386-linux.tar.gz2000-08-24 23:00189.0KFile
npsqueak-mac-2.8.2.sit.bin2000-09-04 23:00272.5KFile
npsqueak-mac2.8.7.sit.bin2000-10-25 23:00273.9KFile
npsqueak-mips-irix.tar.gz2000-08-14 23:00311.2KFile
npsqueak-noarch.tar.gz2000-08-24 23:002.5MFile
npsqueak-noarch.zip2000-08-24 23:002.5MFile
npsqueak-sparc-solaris.tar.gz2000-08-14 23:00230.2KFile
npsqueak-win.zip2000-08-24 23:00220.0KFile