Index of /3.0/

Squeak 3.0 is the most current version of Squeak.

Please download all of these files in BINARY mode and make sure that
your unarchiving program does not do any text conversion.  

If you have a Mac goto the mac directory

If you have a Windows goto the win directory

If you have a Unix or Linux system goto the unix-linux directory

Otherwise go to or and
look for further directions.

For each system you need to download either the package
labeled full or you need to download:

- a system specific VM
- an .image file
- a .changes file
- SqueakV3.sources
NameLast ModifiedSizeType
Parent Directory/ -  Directory
mac/2005-02-17 16:32-  Directory
other-systems/2005-02-17 16:33-  Directory
platform-independent/2005-07-11 18:04-  Directory
unix-linux/2005-02-17 16:35-  Directory
win/2005-02-17 16:37-  Directory
README2001-04-04 23:00607BFile
README~2001-04-01 23:00436BFile