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In this directory you will find both a 3.10 release, a 3.10.1 release, 
and a 3.10.2 release.  You can find information about 3.10 below.

The focus for 3.10.1 was to fix some minor issues that turned up after 3.10
was released and to get the improvements out to the community as soon as
possible.  3.10.1 was completed in a little over two weeks with the help
of: Edgar J De Cleene, Keith Hodges, Jerome Peace, Nicolas Cellier,
Andreas Raab, Dave  Lewis, Yoshiki Ohshima, and others.

3.10.2 was a rush release to correct two problems with 3.10.1.  Firstly
3.10.1 had a problem with some class removals which were not correctly
done.  A quick replacement was issued with a warning and a fix but no
other changes.  It was determined that this methodology was undesirable
and that a proper fix should be issued quickly.  3.10.2 includes tests
regarding this issue from Jerome Peace and a correct fix which passes
the tests.  The only other change was to set the default display depth
to 32 which works around a current problem appearing when Squeak is
used under a compositing window manager.

June 8, 2008
Ken Causey


This release (3.10) is the first release on the road to smaller, more 
compact releases of Squeak.

The Packages that have been removed are:
   * Flash
   * StarSqueak
   * SmaCC
   * Speech
   * Movies
   * FixUnderscores
   * OB
   * OmniBrowser

The Universes browser written by Lex Spoon has been added to this 
release; this makes it much easier to install packages. Many actively 
developed packages are easily installable using this browser.

For older packages that are not yet available from the Universes 
browser, SqueakMap is still available in the image  to install these 

Packages can also be installed directly from code repositories such as using the Monticello browser. For example, 
Keith Hodges' Installer package is available from, and the Universes package is 
available from

Quality control

We know that this release is not yet perfect, but there are now more 
than 2200 automated tests that run under Mac OS X, Windows XP and 
SimplyMepis Linux 6.5 every time a [BUG] or [ENH] report from Mantis is 
made to our update stream.


 From now on, bug reports and improvements are best reported by filling 
in a Mantis report at Instructions are available 
at .

On behalf of the 3dot10 team,

Ralph Johnson,
Edgar J. de Cleene,
and the following list of "Ferrari team" nicknames in Mantis:

franksergeant gokr wiz Dionisiy al andreas matthewf Damien Cassou rr wbk
mathk dse MarcusDenker kwl black hangal johnpf bergel dpollet Krivanek
loewis Keith_Hodges gilEgozi sumi haleden sge thams nicolas cellier johnmci
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