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This is an attempt to assemble a full history of the evolution of Squeak including all
images released and all updates ever posted. It currently covers Squeak 1.1 through 3.6 
(which at the time of this writing is the latest release).

The files are available per "major version" of Squeak. Contains Squeak versions 1.1 through 1.31. Contains Squeak versions 2.0 through 2.8. Contains Squeak versions 3.0 through 3.6. Contains updates for Squeak 2.0 through 3.6.

The images contained in this directory were assembled from the following sources:


The very early versions of Squeak (through 1.18) didn't include all of the required 
support to have them run on all of the major platforms. Therefore, there may be versions 
which have an "u" (stands for Unix) or "w" (stands for Windows) in their name. 
If you try to run any of the versions BEFORE 1.18 you should make sure that you use 
the appropriate image. All images after 1.18 are sufficiently cross-platform to be 
run with any of the provided VMs.

The updates were assembled from two individual places that I had ftp access to 
(so I didn't have to download all the files individually ;-)

This was one of the update servers for years and contained all the updates from 
001tk_test.doit through 5294SMCardUndeclared-nk.cs

The main European update server containing the updates from 3396SoundStop-tpr.cs 
through 5905ZipCommentsCategories-nk.cs

Since the updates.list file was truncated at a point in the past (to preserve space) 
it was reconstructed by merging the files updates.list and updates.list.1-1378.archive 
and then truncated to update 5429advanceTo37-dew.cs which is the last update that 
applies to set of updates covered here. The updates itself were taken from both of 
the locations (where was preferred) and the final file 
was generated. Also the entry for update 1559pickerFix-sw.cs was deleted since this 
was apparently a conflict with update (note that they have 
the same update number which looks like a race condition) and the update wasn't 
present anyways.

Other than that, the updates should be as complete as they possibly can be from 
Squeak2.0 through 3.6.

Andreas Raab
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