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Squeak VM 3.7-7 for QNX RTOS


1. QNX 6.x

2. In order to qnxinstall QPRs from this package it is desirable
   to have following software installed on your box. 
       GNU iconv shared
       XFree86 Libs shared
   It is available from number of sources including QSS public web repository. 

   Public repository could be accessed directly from the qnxinstall

3. Enough of RAM because QNX RTOS lacks swapping :(
   I'v tested with 300 M and it's only just enough to run squeak and several pterm's ..


   qnxinstall QPRs found on this ftp. Like this

       # qnxinstall ./squeakvm-3.7-7-x86-public.qpr

   If you plan to use FFI you'll need to install libffi_x86-1.20-x86-public.qpr too.


   I made QNX port of the legacy libffi-1.20 for QNX in order to 
   enable FFI primitives in Squeak image


1. sqLaunch - simple Photon uGUI app
   providing ability to select image files from the GUI 

   sqLaunch is shipped with it's sources

Have fun

feel free to

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