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Apple Research Labs Releases Prototype of "Squeak"

From the following pages you can download a beta version of an experimental programming environment code-named "Squeak." Apple is offering you the chance to use this early experimental version without charge.

This Release
Squeak is a rapid prototyping environment. This version of Squeak is based on Smalltalk. Our goal is to have the user community gradually evolve Squeak into a new and stronger language and environment.

Squeak will run on any Macintosh or MacOS computer with a 68020 or better or a PowerPC processor. This includes a Macintosh FX, Quadra, PowerBook Duo, or Power Macintosh computer. Use System 7.0 or a more recent version of the MacOS. Squeak can run in four megabytes, but we told it to ask for six. A cut down system can run in two megabytes. The files take 4.3 megabytes of disk space, but you need 7.8 mb while downloading. The application file is "Fat" and runs on either 680x0 or PowerPC microprocessors.

Plain English Examples of License Terms
Our license agreement contains conditions intended to keep Squeak open and available to the user community, while allowing users to do useful things with Squeak. You will see the license once you begin installing Squeak. These following examples are provided as illustrations and are not legally binding. See the license for the real terms. To the extent that the examples and the license conflict, the license will govern.

You are allowed to change Squeak, write extensions to Squeak, build an application in Squeak, and include some or all of Squeak with your products. You may distribute all of these things along with Squeak, or portions of Squeak, for free or for money. However, the you must distribute these things under a license that protects Apple in the way described in our license to you.

If you modify any of the methods of class objects (or their relationships) that come with Squeak (as opposed to building on top of what we provide), you must post the modifications on a web site or otherwise make them available for free to others, just as we have done with Squeak. Our license to you explains how you must do this.

The same is true if you port Squeak to another machine or operating system - you must post your port on a web site or otherwise make it available for free to others under the terms described in our license to you.

The release consists of four files:

  • Squeak VM 1.13 (application, 17 Oct 96)
  • Squeak1.13.image
  • Squeak1.13.changes
  • SqueakV1.sources

Put them all in the same folder. Double-click on the image file to launch. (Strictly speaking, the Squeak VM and the sources must be in the same folder. And the image and changes files must be in the same folder.)

As the license says, there is no guarantee of support for Squeak from Apple. This release is provided on an "as-is" basis with hopes that it will be useful. However, we do value your feedback. You can reach us at:

Send us you bug reports, or better yet, send us the fixes. When you send us email, you are giving us permission to repost your message on our web pages, and otherwise use, reproduce, modify and redistribute your message or bug fix. This will allow us to spread the word about bugs and fixes, and to get help on solving bugs from the user community.

Smalltalk References

(Squeak has gone in a different direction from much of the Smalltalk community. You will notice that some classes and names are different from other Smalltalk implementations.)

Click here to start download (2.1 mb) . The license will appear when you install.

You may wish to do the download ourside of your browser. Here is the way to get Squeak by using Fetch.
	Host: research.apple.com
	Directory: pub/squeak/
	File: squeak1.13_installer.sit.hqx
	Password:  (your email address)
If you already have the Squeak1.1 release, and would like to upgrade by filing in source code, you may Download the folder delta 1.1->1.13 (95K).

Apple, Power Macintosh, Macintosh FX, Quadra, PowerBook Duo, and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC(TM) is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, used under license therefrom. All other brand names and companies mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.
Created by Ted Kaehler (squeak@research.apple.com), 10/17/96
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